Happy Disney Dreaming!

“Have courage and be kind.” Cinderella(live action movie)

My name is Donna and I feel I am being very courageous by starting this blog about how I live the Disney life!  I love all things Disney and am fortunate to be able to travel to Disney World often and will be embarking on my 1st Disney cruise in 2018! I married my Prince Charming(who attended the Disney College Program and worked for Disney) and have a fur baby Mini Eskimo Spitz we named Koda, the name of the young bear in Disney’s animated movie Brother Bear.

I found myself coming back home from trips with “Disney depression”. Many of you, I’m sure can relate to this. So I started coming up with ways to keep the magic alive at home, whether it’s creating an inspired version of a dish from one of the restaurants on property or mixing my version of favorite drinks and cocktails I discover in “the world”.  I thought it might be kind to share those recipes and experiences as well as share other ways I “Disney dream” through home decor, DIY projects, celebrations and styling.

I hope what I share helps keep the pixie dust running through your veins and lends a magical touch to your inspirational joy!

Just keep dreamin’,



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