Frozen Birthday Cupcake Dress

Happy Back-To-School season everyone!

I don’t have children myself(yet, or maybe never…) however I am loving being an Auntie to 1 girl and 2 boys! These kids are my heartbeat, and get me so excited to spoil them and spend holidays and vacations with them. My niece is 5 and her mother dropped her off at school this morning for her First day of Kindergarten(sigh, tear). I’ve already talked to my mother-in-law, her grandma, and we both gushed about not wanting to see this little girl grow up!  I myself have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with this beautiful creature ever since the day she was born.  It warms my heart, though, that this vivacious, smart little thing is excited to wake up every day to life and people so I am comforted to know she will have a blast in Kindergarten.

So on the lines of spoiling her…….. her birthdays mean a lot to me, for the memories and for the experience of her reactions!  She is hilarious whenever I do anything for her, and it makes me just want to do more!  So for one of her previous birthdays, Hello! Of course she was like every other girl in this world in love with Frozen, Anna and Elsa.  She requested from me strawberry cupcakes and gave me permission to go to town on whatever else.  So of course being the diligent Auntie that I am, I started scoping ideas for Frozen themes and cupcakes on the internet.  I found SOOOOOOO much!  My favorite turned out to be cupcakes shaped into the form of a dress and displayed on the cake table!  So I found my favorite recipe online for strawberry cupcakes, made and tinted my favorite Wilton Buttercream Frosting in Frozen themed colors for Elsa(Blues,White) and started putting this together.


How cute is this?!  Naturally I made wayyyyyy more cupcakes and just frosted them and kept them on a platter(or you could use a cupcake tier stand) for more hungry bellies to enjoy. With the extra cupcakes, I frosted them plain white and had birthday girl throw some pixie dust over them(blue candy glitter sprinkles)! The crystal embellished belt and collar to the dress are just from a ribbon spool from the craft store that I cut and layered on top of the cupcakes, dotting icing on the ends to sort of glue in place. I then angled a couple squares of shimmery tulle and just placed it near the collar and let it naturally fold and flow down and over the sides.

But me being the over-the-top Auntie that I am, I had to add toys and gifts to the cupcake dress to enhance the theming, as well as give my niece fun things to play with after the cupcakes are gone.  So off to the toy store I went, and found Frozen character figurines, a tiara, light up princess wand, and my most favorite- light up high heel “glass slippers” for her dress up days!


She absolutely loved it, loved the taste of the cupcakes and nothing was left at the end of the party. Sweet success!  So much fun! I’m so blessed to be an Aunt!

Just keep dreaming,



One thought on “Frozen Birthday Cupcake Dress

  1. This was such an adorable cake Everyone was so impressed and it also was delicious!!!!! Donna is a VERY talented person!! If you want to have the best party in town – ask Donna


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